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Sept. 1, 2014 - Aug. 31, 2015

For the first annual exhibition at DRAKE ONE FIFTY, we showed our true patriot love with a series of vibrant installations by leading Canadian artists. For the second edition, we want to play with our perceived centres and peripheries, through a series of installations to get lost in.

Anamorphose is a series of site specific installations by an international roster of acclaimed artists toying with everyday objects and overlapping narratives. These are the kinds of works you can’t just look at once — here you’ll find works that will offer something new with each glance. Welcome to a visual labyrinth, of complex, mirroring views — whether it be flags made from Mexican pesos, or a painted mural — these are installations to get lost in, if only for a moment before your nightcap arrives.

The title of the exhibition is a French term referring to imagery that can appear abstract or disjointed from various angles, but hit the right spot and it can defy your expectations and imagination.

Quite literally the biggest development in the exhibition program at DRAKE ONE FIFTY is the lobby, with a 25ft tall installation by Thierry Nior. Born in France, Nior is a pioneering street artist, best known for being the first artist to paint the Berlin Wall. A vinyl print of a recent painting is installed in the lobby window of 150 York Street, the result is a cross between a cartoon and a stained glass window.

Just inside the door, the front vestibule presents a site-specific installation by San Francisco based artist Sarah Applebaum. Best know for her complex mixed media works, this piece includes a series of abstract signs and a double profile presiding over the crowd.

Drake One Fifty Mural Time Lapse from Dowling Pictures on Vimeo.

Around the top of the bar Toronto's Alicia Nauta presents a series of black and white screen prints. Formal yet surreal, the works are reminiscent of Escher and Op Art as well as 80's zines, follow the installation around the bar and go further down the rabbit hole. Here you'll find Souther Salazar's vibrant underwater mural. Sit down at the table and the piece literally wraps around you with playful characters and delightfully surreal details.

Internationally acclaimed artist Olaf Breuning continues the mood with Drake Kitchen, a photobased work where the artist has assembled a series of amazing characters from items found in the kitchen. Look closely and you'll see everything from a vacuum to peaches to a bottle opener all presented as hybrid characters.

At the far end of the space, you'll find an installation by Argentine artist Maximo Gonzalez, here the artist as taken expired Mexican currency, deftly snipping the bills into delicate cut paper flags. Consider it a playful homage to our neighbours on Bay Street.

We sincerely hope you enjoy the second annual installation at DRAKE ONE FIFTY and that it opens your eyes to the possibilities to re-envision space with the help of an extraordinary group of artists.

Special thanks to Grolsch for supporting Thierry Nior's epic lobby installation.