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White Pop

Oct. 2, 2013 - Aug. 15, 2014

The opening year at Drake One Fifty presents an art exhibit in the heart of Toronto's Financial District with works by established and emerging Canadian artists, all working within a pop art tradition. At the front door is a large glazed cabinet that was the site for Eleanor King's Cuppa Cups installation during the fall/winter season. Here, the artist built large, swooping sculptural forms from reclaimed coffee cups. In April, Jimmy Limit's Studio Assistant v1 Blue assembled an installation using materials from from a Uline catalogue. Previously known for a punk rock photocopy aesthetic, Limit has been exploring high-gloss product and stock photography. Limit’s interest in the immaterial consumption of images, as well as liberating objects from their original use, has resulted in a sculpture that’s meant to be photographed.

Around the top of the bar, is a site-specific text piece by Micah Lexier that playfully makes each guest aware of the space. Follow the text and you'll find what we think is the best seat in the house, a recessed banquette surrounded by a site specific installation by Douglas Coupland. The unique shape of the wall allows diners to sit 'within' the artist's linear drawing of a sunset, based on the barcode found on airline luggage tags.

Garry Neill Kennedy's Quid Pro Quo stretches across most of the dining room. Here, the artist's text-based works are installed on a pattern of vibrant vertical stripes. The texts each call attention to common phrases. As the artist says, "I'm fascinated by stock ethical phrases like 'tit for tat' or 'eye for an eye' or 'quid pro quo.' They seem like they are superficial, but they actually touch on something quite deep."

While you're contemplating Kennedy's texts you may want to wash your hands. In the washrooms, by the sinks are video screens inset in the walls. For the first six months, a series a silent shorts by legendary Canadian filmmaker Guy Maddin; in February, this changed to a program of Adad Hannah's Museum Stills.

Join us at Drake One Fifty and drink in some works by stellar artists; we're here to feed to soul.